Random Sanity Project

Random Sanity was a free, open source service to help detect and report catastrophic RNG failures


All API access is over HTTP, and accessed from http://rest.randomsanity.org/v1/.

GET /v1/q/hexbytes

Parses hexbytes as an array of bytes, and returns “true” or “false” depending on whether or not they pass the looks-random and uniqueness tests. A 400 Bad Request error is returned if fewer than 16 bytes are given or hexbytes is not hexadecimal (0-9 a-f A-F).

Requests are rate-limited by IP address to 60 per hour. If you exceed the rate limit you will get a 429 Too Many Requests error.

The random sanity service adds an X-Entropy: header with 32 random hexadecimal bytes to every successful response that you might choose to mix in to your entropy pool an extra source of entropy for your random number generator (e.g. on Linux write it to /dev/urandom).


curl -i http://rest.randomsanity.org/v1/q/4fb16b80a1670c65d33f865654BB2178

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
X-Entropy: d276443520f03d3b2ff705e672b1d1b34cb1311c27dd1bfb37245e073eb0b4b7
X-Cloud-Trace-Context: 7214bf61fafc4ecfd48abf762c533a86
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 15:33:33 GMT
Server: Google Frontend
Content-Length: 4