Random Sanity Project

Random Sanity was a free, open source service to help detect and report catastrophic RNG failures

How to Help

Even spiffier web pages would be awesome. Want to be the WebMeister for this project? Start submitting pull requests.

Know something about .deb or .rpm packaging? I’ve written a check-/dev/urandom-at-startup bash script that should be packaged up.

Want to write some Javascript (or Python or Ruby or Rust) code to help programmers in those languages avoid screwing up their crypto? I’ve got some ideas…

Source code for the AppEngine-based server is on github.

We’ll self-organize into a Slack if there is enough interest; until then, email me (gavinandresen, gmail.com) if you want to help and can’t just jump right in. Fair warning: if you’re unpleasant to work with, please find another project to “help”.